May 23, 2019

Best venues in Ibiza for events in 2019

Despite the increasing number of events held yearly in Ibiza, many still feel like copycats of other successful events. These events fail to establish their own identity, relying instead on mimicking what made others successful. This is no longer going to fly this 2019. Authenticity is really important. Ibiza has an incredible variety of unique, unusual and amazing venues to offer, matching the diversity of landscapes, pursuits, culture, and history of our fair shores! Many events certainly don’t need to be confined to four walls anymore or in a restaurant o beach club. In fact, you may bore event goers to death if you don’t think outside the box when it comes to venue choice!

The venue decision is one of the most important for your event.

That’s where choosing a unique event venue to wow your attendees comes in.

Non-traditional event venues in Ibiza are valued for their experiential nature and their ability to be an extension of the host’s personality.
As we explore event planning with unique venues, we’ll look at what you should keep in mind when choosing a unique event venue. And then we’ll dive into some incredible examples of unique event sites. We’ll also look at some ideas of which event types and brand personalities would best be suited to them.
Non-traditional event venues in Ibiza are experiential venues. These types of venues offer some sort of attraction like Farms, Private villas, eco-friendly venues, Art Galleries,….

Why choose a unique event venue in Ibiza?

Aside from the benefits of creating a memorable event for attendees and achieving a good result for your client, we are in the age In the age of sharing, so many businesses have been there and done that in some way when it comes to traditional event venues. There are many great reasons why it’s beneficial for you to choose a unique venue.

Character is key when choosing a unique event venue in Ibiza

Selecting an event venue that doesn’t mesh well with the guest values can actually undermine the event and its success. Choosing a unique event venue that has synergy with the guest is what will set you apart from the competition. It can even attract people outside your usual market – which is only a good thing for brand awareness.

According to Damon Wee, author at GEVME, the venue is just as crucial for people deciding to attend as is the event content. In fact, for an event he organized, he found that “45% of unique click-thrus was on the event map.”

Aim for an awe-inspiring first look when choosing a Venue in Ibiza

A unique venue can help you create an immediate impression before attendees even set foot in the door. An impressive exterior will wow event-goers as they approach.
When choosing a unique event venue with a high-impact first impression, outdoor sites often make some of the best options. They provide a sense of endless potential that sites within four walls often can’t. They also have the benefit of fostering a sense of community, with greater scope for customization. Keep in mind that places like these don’t have to be used for their original purpose – so get creative!

Using an outdoor event venue can be amazing, but as an event planner, you also need to be on top of weather considerations and additional power needs. After all, you don’t want your hard work creating a memorable event derailed on the big day. Remember to keep these two critical factors at the forefront of your mind when looking at potential sites.

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