Apr 4, 2019

Deep Roots Experience with IBOSIM Beer

We love collaborating with local producers, developing unique experiences and creating special moments. Our next experience is in collaboration with the Ibosim beer, the only beer brewed on the island.

Carlos Guerrero and Víctor Villellas the minds behind IBOSIM together with Luciano Di Clemente, chef of Deep Roots, will elaborate a unique experience of pairing with a 6-course lunch created with 6 Ibosim beers, paired with their corresponding beers.

April 20 Lunch of pairing with Beer in a big way, extravagant gastronomic experience with Ibosim beers, in Ibosim Brewhouse.

If you are a beer lover you can’t miss our next Deep Roots experience.

Lunch Menu: Pairing of 6 dishes made with beer, paired with their corresponding beer.

The menu could not be more appetizing:

– Salmon confit, cauliflower mash and Ibosim poseidonia, pickled onion

– Potatoes cooked with Ibosim Isla Blanca au gratin with Manchego cheese

– Whitefish ceviche marinated with IBZ Summer Ale, sweet potato and

yuka chips

– Hummus, Lamb cooked to the “Pot” with Rosemary Rural Ale, Sesame sauce

– Pork Belly and Blood Moon IPA BBQ

– Ibosim Carrova Carob Porter Cake

Price: 40 Euros per person (payable in advance)

Place: Ibosim Brewhouse C / Valencia, 4 Port des Torrent, Ibiza

Time: 13.30 h

Places are limited and it is essential to book.

Get in touch with the email: info@deeprootscatering.com or tel. +34 678 533 567

Philosophy of Ibosim

Ibosim Craft Beers: Produced and bottled in Ibiza

Their secret is not having secrets. Unlike industrial or pseudo-craft beers, they brew their beers in their own workshop in Port des Torrent, and they are currently the only beer brewed on the island.

They follow the four bases of the development of “craft beers” around the world: Ingredients 100% natural, without artificial additives, without filtering or pasteurizing and with natural carbonation produced by a second fermentation in the bottle.

Ibosim currently produces a wide range of styles, allowing the uninitiated consumer to discover their preferences and the most experienced to enjoy their favorite styles and propose pairings for each occasion.

They are a local, dynamic and innovative company, with enough flexibility to be able to collaborate with numerous local entities developing special beers and participating in experiences like this one. Discover more about IBOSIM.