Dec 12, 2018

DIRECTLY FROM THE SOURCE – local foods & flavours

Deep Roots catering creates Mediterranean cuisine with personal style, using local ingredients. Ibiza has a green heart with many local food farm producers, and bio, who until very recently, have remained in the background. The “SLOW FOOD – KM 0: Good food, clean and fair” movement have impulsed the producers to rise in importance because they are the ones who provide the ingredients to the great chefs with a wide variety of quality food products and the gourmet shops too.

In the gastronomic fair of local producers in Ibiza we had the pleasure to meet local renowned products and others not so well know but still of an extraordinary quality, such as: “the delicious hot sauces from Ibiza Chili Co, the Viccio premium ice cream, the Ibosim craft beer from Ibiza, …and many more that we will tell you about.

The local food producers are very close to us and they also offer products labeled SLOW FOOD – KM 0: Good food, clean and fair.

Deep Roots food blend in unique dishes the traditional and the contemporary. Our goal is an unforgettable taste that strikes a chord of memory and celebrates Mediterranean cooking’s extraordinary ingredient variety. Essential local cuisine combines with new proposals that maintain deep Mediterranean roots.

Its synthesis of culinary art and exquisite service represents an ideal of the Ibizan high-culture luxury catering. Authentic Ibiza style with ‘natural luxury’. About as farm fresh and as local as it gets!

Here we share with you some of our friends and suppliers at Deep Roots kitchen:

Ibosim Beer from Ibiza

Ibosim BrewHouse is the first local microbrewery on the island of Ibiza. They offer guided tours all-year-round with food pairings, and also sell beers wholesale and to visitors.

Fluxa Sal de Ibiza

100% sea salt from Ibiza without additives, nor preservatives and it is not refined. Five magnificent flavors combining the salt of the salt pans of Ibiza with saffron, Mediterranean herbs, 5 peppers, and local chili.

Forn Can Coves

Bakery. Faithful to the traditional recipes of yesteryear. They make all the products daily with traditional methods and using totally healthy and local natural ingredients.

Ibiza ChiliCo

Ibiza chilis, Ibiza lemons, Ibiza fruits elaborated into delicious hot sauces. Hand made in Ibiza. 100% natural.

Esencia Viva

Ecological plantation of local aromatic herbs, medicinal and infusions. Workshops and conferences about medicinal plants and their benefits.

Obrador Basmala

Artisan bakery using local organic products, yeast dough, and slow fermentation.

Los Fermentistas

Artisanal food & drinks. A small-scale family run business, producing local food and drinks, using locally sourced ingredients. Furthermore, they also specialize in the cultivation of microorganisms.

Oil Can Cosmi

Oli Can Cosmi is an EVOO of superior category, made with local olives of the varieties Picual, Arbequina and Empeltre, of olive trees from Ibiza, Marca Oli d’E

Spirulina de Ibiza

Natural, raw and fresh. They believe that fresh spirulina is the perfect health food. The worlds oldest superfood, packed full of minerals, vitamins, and proteins. They produce and harvest the Spirulina on a small artisanal local farm in Ibiza.

Viccio Premium Ice Cream

The Ibiza Famous Homemade ice cream is processed combining the best natural ingredients from Ibiza and selected spots of the Word.

Discover the Green Foods Difference CLEAN, HONEST NUTRITION THAT’S 100% GUARANTEED

SLOW FOOD – KM 0: Good food, clean and fair.

* GOOD: Recovery Mediterranean cuisine understood as a set of proposals based on authenticity, local produce and seasonal.

* CLEAN: Encourage the use of local organic food, move towards the disappearance of transgenic ingredients and the endangered fish. Promote the consumption of fish from sustainable fisheries, compliance with minimum sizes. Reduce CO2 emissions by reducing food transportation, and implement environmental measures.

* SOCIAL (FAIR): Encourage direct purchase to the small producer located in a radius not exceeding 100 km. And, not least, help the local economy sustainable.