Sep 25, 2018

Food Stations: The most delicious & innovative ideas that will truly impress your guest

We mix the best parts of buffets with the most elegant aspects of a sit-down dinner. Trust us, your guests are going to love this!

Food station allows guests to make their way around,  and choose for themselves various items their hosts have planned for them.  In addition, you get the fabulous presentation of chicly plated dishes and the fine attention to ingredients that make a sit-down dinner shine.

You can treat your guests to a full meal, or even just a few appetizers during cocktail hour.

The options are endless, and food stations provide such a wealth of variety, tastes, and combinations for you and your guests to feast on.

Deep Roots catering takes pride in providing unique small bites for cocktail parties, Rustic-Informal buffets and formal sit-down dinners that are not only delicious to the mouth, but also to the eye.

But when it comes to preparing a catering for events not only have to take into account the food we are going to serve but how we are going to do it.

It is important to generate in the guests a good memory, and the best way to do it is with quality gastronomy but also with a personalized service according to each event.

A lot of options…

Therefore, when will it be better to serve a standing cocktail with food stations or, on the other hand, prepare a traditional meal seated on a formal table?

First of all, we must take into consideration the character that we want to give to the event. For informal celebrations, a standing cocktail is always a good choice, giving the guest the opportunity to chat and move around with freedom. Likewise, for company events, it is also a good alternative, since the guests want to make networking relationships.

On the other hand, it is important to take into consideration the time of the event. When it’s in the afternoon, the recommendation is to do a standing cocktail.

Seated events are recommended especially for dinners, which usually last longer. For this type of celebrations, more elaborate dishes are required. At Deep Roots catering we adapt to the style of each service.

With over a decade of the event production and catering industry, our resources and capabilities are endless. Please see our Food Station Menu specially designed to impress your guest.

Creative food stations in place of or as a compliment to traditional options

However, there is no reason to choose just one option. You can combine both! If the event aims to last all day, bet on a cocktail at lunchtime and a dinner sitting. If not, introduce the previous cocktail before sitting at the table. Or you can have some canapés bars where guests can approach and peck.

With no detail deemed too small or challenge too large, our team offers an unparalleled expertise in logistical planning. Our motto is to ensure seamless event execution allowing our clients to be guests at their own event.

Our clients inspire us with their style, stories, achievements & goals. It’s with this inspiration we create unique settings for each celebration. For us, each event must be a true reflection of those being honored and their guests.

Download here our Food Stations menu FOOD_STATIONS DR