May 6, 2019

Modern Food for Modern Event in 2019

If you are a modern bride or groom, you will no doubt have started to look at the wedding food trends for this year. You will want a catering company that will integrate these progressive trends for you. If you are in Ibiza, that catering company is Deep Roots Catering.

We have compiled a selection of the most popular and trending wedding foods of 2019.



One trend that has seen prominence in 2019 is doing brunch food. It’s probable that this trend got bigger because daytime weddings are fancier than doing them in the late afternoon or at night. People are also doing breakfast for dinner! You can also have a booze breakfast-brunch themed wedding, with mimosas, bloody marys, and omelets. Not only is the food delicious, but it’s also fun.

Fresh food

Fresh food is another theme that is permeating 2019 wedding food culture. People are starting to have more organic and local foods at their wedding. This is especially true in the case of fruit and veggies. This is a great way to give your wedding a sense of your hometown. Farm fresh foods and also meats and cheese are now a cornerstone of a lot of wedding catering services and buffets.


Another theme that is becoming a part of 2019 is integrating more food into the cocktail hour. This is often done in some kind of display, such as a chef shucking oysters or a waiter making guacamole or a bartender muddling drinks. This will liven up a cocktail hour and also provide food for often hungry guests. I mean, come on, who doesn’t wanna eat and drink at the same time?

Food trucks and street food

There are so many types of food that can be made and eaten from a food truck or food stations, so whatever you select can really represent your partner and you. A lot of urban couples are choosing food trucks so they can highlight the culture of their environment to the guests at the wedding.

The food stations provide excellent, surprisingly gourmet options.

Themed tables especially at buffets.

Themes are big can they can come in a variety of forms. You could try a salt thing and get chocolate caramel salt, or you could try a bacon table for ultimate fun and quirkiness.

Comfort food

Comfort is also the name of the game. Couples are starting to serve fancied up comfort foods such as burgers, tacos and more. A fun way to fancy up cheeseburgers is to serve them with fancy napkins or skewers. This gussied up burger represents the best of both worlds and is perfect for couples who seek balance.

If you are interested in trying these trends and more and are seeking catering in Ibiza, look no further than Deep Roots.

We will bring elements of modern cooking, Mediterranean dishes and an exotic influence to provide the best possible food on your big day or big event.